About Us

From foundation to roof, From wood to metal, From sea to land, From sports to health, WITH 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, WE ARE IN EVERY FIELD OF LIFE...

Being at the top of the "Waterproofing Systems (Polyurethane liquid membrane and Acrylic liquid membrane), Industrial and Sports floor systems, Pebble stone floor coverings, Furniture paints, Metal steel paints and coating systems, Parquet chemicals group" sectors in Turkey, and a With a highly professional staff dedicated to field workers who are sure that they are part of the family, With an organization that maintains the development of the market by constantly monitoring the needs of consumers and distributors and attaching importance to being in close contact, Widespread among Asian and European countries in terms of product quality It is a 25-year-old company that is known as the company, which is engaged in both production and sales at the same time. With a highly updated R&D team following the latest product modifications along with progressive evaluation in our well-equipped laboratories according to international standards (ISO), the symbol of Innova Polimer's uniqueness in its domain, product innovation and first-class seeking adheres to two principles:

Technology Tradition
As Turkey's leading chemical company Innova Polimer, passionately committed to the development and research of innovative chemicals. This has been our tradition for more than 25 years since the establishment of the company. Building on the corporate solid foundation of a technology tradition, we strive to create new and enduring technology to share with everyone in the world.

Partnership With People
Innova Polimer believes that respect for people is the key to guiding us on a successful path as a company that strongly recognizes its economic and social responsibilities. Partnerships with our customers, business partners, communities and employees are essential to achieving our mission of contributing to the betterment of society.

Our Brands Expanding With You.